Family Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re a couple or a family with kids, there are so many creative Family Halloween Costumes you can  make for a fraction of the cost of buying a family of costumes.

11 Family Halloween Costumes

Family Halloween Costumes

You might want to dress up as the Despicable Me clan, an entire football team, or go classic with some Wizard of Oz Costumes.  No matter if you are crafty or not, these Family Halloween Costumes all can be made very easily, and some take very few supplies.  Rather than spend a fortune, why not make your own costumes, and another benefit? You won’t walk into the party and see another one of you! Entire Toy Story Family makes it easy when you have multiple kids to outfit! – Via’s The Little Mermaid family – Ursula included! Via are so many drinks that can be included in this Starbucks drinks family – straws included! Via family with all the condiments! Best part of this idea is that you can add in more condiments the more kids you have!  Via about an easy costume for mom and dad! Not to mention, everyone loves S’mores! Via can very simply visit Goodwill and be the entire Despicable Me Clan – Via cutest Dragon Mom (Game of Thrones-esque if you ask me!) Via can always go Classic Wizard of Oz! Via Whole Darn Football Team (football included!) – Via Park Family with the coolest dinosaur cage idea!  – Via

Family Halloween Costumes

Potato Head Family (are those hula hoops!?!?)  – via Pinterest

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